Ontario Science Centre Trip – Wed. Feb. 18, 2009

The opportunity of a lifetime – to view the IMAX film “Journey to Hajj – in the footsteps of Ibn-Battuta”, the Sultans of Science Exhibit, and the IMAX film “Roving Mars” is available to students and parents.  To see a movie trailer about Ibn Battuta highlight Ibn Battuta on the TRIPS segment and highlight “View the Trailer”. 

The following is some information about the Sultans of Science Exhibit:

 ‘Sultans of Science’

is a global touring exhibition celebrating the contribution of Muslim Scholars in Science and Technology during the Golden Age of the Islamic World (700-1700 BC) and the influence their inventions and contributions has towards modern society.

Focused on increasing knowledge and understanding of these invaluable contributions, ‘Sultans of Science’ has been created as a global travelling exhibition in order to enable its message to be far reaching through science centres and museums around the world.

Purely informative and enlightening in content the exhibition is not politically or religiously motivated. The content features interactive displays with information on inventions, innovations and discoveries covering a broad spectrum of science topics such as astronomy, mathematics, medicine, optics amongst others, which were ahead of its time.

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